The Safe Points of the Source (ACT 1 intro)

You have surpassed
all safepoints that were set
by life itself at the source.

The substance of things
must always be maintained
by feeling,
by logic
or by force.

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Distress signal on a stellar wave (ACT 1 – Song 1)

There is an order, there has been conference
All the means for your rescue will be deployed

There is an order, there has been conference
Whatever’s attacking life will be destroyed

We are coming, we’re taking off

Through matter space and time, we’ll clear you from this
Through matter space and time, we’ll rid you of this
Through matter space and time, we’ll readjust this

The waves of distress slowly solidify
The patterns cluster in a burning ring
We’re immersed in the dark flood
And through it flows your pain that now affects everything

We fire up, death is denied
Life is of the essence, your signal will die

Forces, and they’re all set to source us
They are beyond control, ’cause they’re all set to source us

Forces: crave / Forces: stage / Forces: save / Forces: rage

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The infinite laws of transformation (ACT 1 – Song 2)

The methods of time in a fractal design
We are reassembled in no time, in no time

This is the medium immediate, these are the holes in time
This is the relative arithmetic where everything collides

I shift shape

Transformation: is going out of range

I always imagined it would hurt but I only feel harmony
I don’t move past all things, they move through all of me

As I fold inside out, as I bend beliefs and will
As I realign my (inherent) behaviour, as I evaporate and distill

As I stand at the receiving end.

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The approach towards human nature (ACT 1 – Song 3)

Now I’m just like you, wrought by desire
Now I’m just like you, I’ve joined the liars

Now everything here turns to life. I see the warmth, I feel the light
We magnify the course, I’m coming closer to the source

I wanna bend whatever’s right
I wanna get off day and night
I wanna catch all the light
I just wanna be satisfied

I wanna shine forever bright
I wanna soil anything white
I wanna be a lonely height
I just wanna be satisfied

Now I’m just like you, as narrow-minded
Now I’m just like you, as cold and blinded

This world is of such perfect beauty, you have ocean, sky and sun
A simple and enchanted cycle of equilibrium

I wanna feed my appetite
I wanna howl in sheer delight
I wanna rival the sunlight
I just wanna be satisfied

I can’t find the problem, I don’t see the point of origin

This simplified manifestation of this here form I’m covered in
There’s no space for anything else than the desires that have been

I can not find the origin
There’s something cold and ancient in this skin
I can not find the origin
Something dark is rising from within

There is something inside…
… that reeks of genocide

I just wanna be satisfied with me

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SEKT, written and performed by Cyclus

A manifestation in words, for the sake of human argument.


Everything had to start somewhere and at some point. Indicating your frail notion of space and disclosing your distressing conception of time. All those things you claim to know or pretend to theorise about in your misdirected sense of significance.

You are consumed by appraising all by quantity, magnitude and reach. Hence you misread the pure source for origin, cause or influence. And you consciously subdue all emotions that mark your mistake, believing feelings inferior to experience. But feeling is spirit and soul, which extend far beyond your inadequate analysis of reality and existence.

Your senses are marginally developed, using only six at best from the infinite availability. You have stunted, halted and even reversed your growth for you have and are still wilfully ignoring your potential and true purpose. Deceptively, determinedly and desperately clinging to the perceived results of your deficient sciences or the preposterous doctrines of your corrupt religions. More testimony to your meagre grasp of universal unison and your self inflicted incapacity to stretch beyond your corporeal frame.

You will have to abandon all of your illusive beliefs and deceptive certitudes. You have been misused and tainted by your very selves for you were never supposed to breed like this, feed like this or lead like this. You were placed here with an obligation to evolve and secure the balance. But you have discarded your essential course and carelessly destroyed the perfect equilibrium that was seeded at the source.

We will restore harmony in this chaos. By feeling, by logic or by force.

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about this band: CYCLUS


Sven Leyemberg: guitars
Serch Carriere: drums
Sean Denissen: bass
Daniel Mies: vocals


After careful consideration we concluded that this music is definitely hardcore, with a pinch of metal.

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