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Cyclus was first assembled as a three-piece outfit in 2014 and completed with a bass player, late 2016. The band started out as a recording project, centred around a concept album about an alien invasion. Correction, ‘the’ alien invasion.

The early stages and rehearsals were all about finding a new sound and honing the application of each instrument. Everything emerged from unrestricted jams and a highly deliberate lack of frame. Cyclus has no rules and is determined to let itself be led by a very different energy. Things have a way of falling into place, if you give them enough freedom to grow. This is what the sound seeks to reflect.

Currently Cyclus is writing and recording SEKT: ACT 3; the third and last part in the metal musical. The release date is scheduled for March/April 2018.


  • Sven, Serch & Daniel formed the band in 2014
  • Demos and concept creation 2014/2015.
  • First EP release November 2015: SEKT, ACT 1 – 3 songs + intro
  • We took a little break
  • Sean joins the band on bass
  • First try-out concerts in 2017
  • Second EP release August 2017: SEKT, ACT 2 – 4 songs
  • Writing songs for ACT 3 – scheduled release March/April 2018


Sven Leyemberg


Former bands: minus45degrees, squeak, toni & the kadhafi’s

Current bands: cyclus, one million seats

Sven Leyemberg (guitars) grew up on metal and played in nineties cross-over (Squeak (ex-) and hardcore (minus45degrees (ex-) bands before starting off on a personal odyssey. During this time, he was involved in numerous improv blues jams in seedy bars and took on a lead guitar spot in alternative rock band One Million Seats.

Over the years Sven has developed a specific set of skills that create a unique perspective on what a metal guitar could become, if unrestricted by convention. Being well versed in metal, blues and alternative rock, he steers the sound into the uncharted realms.

Serch Carriere


Former bands: clouded, minus45degrees, the set up, kickback, born from pain

Current bands: cyclus, bear, overlord

Serch Carriere (drums) is a true phenomenon. Ever since the mid-nineties he has been playing in bands like Clouded (ex-), minus45degrees (ex-), The Set Up (ex-), Overlord and Bear. He has worked as a tour drummer for Kickback (ex-) and Born From Pain (ex-). Serch brings a hard-hitting style to Cyclus and has a unique ability to tune his rhythmic energy into the frequency of what the other instruments are doing. A solid backbone with loads of wild improvisations, he demonstrates a great talent for adaptation.

Serch’s unique D.I.Y. approach to drumming has earned him a well-deserved endorsement by Stagg instruments.

Sean Denissen


Former bands: jarenduren

Current bands: cyclus, punchline hunting season, ihloosuhree

Sean Denissen (bass) joined the band in 2016 and immediately started having a profound effect on the overall sound. Playing in bands such as Jarenduren (ex-), Punchline Hunting Season and Ihlooshuree, he is no stranger to complex musical arrangements and rhythmical shifts.

Sean has shown a tremendous flexibility and has quickly adjusted to the mixture of organised chaos and musical freedom of expression that seem to be hallmark traits of this band. It was with Sean’s arrival that the ambition sparked to start playing live.

Daniel Mies


Former bands: facedown, .calibre

Current bands: cyclus, quiet, all around us, my cousin from japan, the broken planet

Daniel Mies (vocals) is a versatile vocalist with quite a touring history in bands like facedown (ex-) and .calibre (ex-), but also has been deeply involved in a set of indie projects like Quiet, All around us and My Cousin from Japan.

Daniel makes it a point to use the full spectrum of his voice for Cyclus; from low demon grunts and hardcore scream vocals, to his higher pitched indie influences. He is also responsible for all lyrics and content.


“The Metal Musical” – With the concept of alien invasion and destruction, used in the story of SEKT, Cyclus applies shock-therapy as a medium to convey its message.

The suggestion that all of humanity will be erased by an alien protector of life, as a punishment for our insolent dominance, is just a metaphor. Or is it?

The choice for this story line emerges from a deeper sense of social engagement and a desire to describe the detrimental effects of human supremacy and error on the planet and the resulting feeble state of our psyche.

It is an investigation into how humans destroy the planet, nature, wildlife and eventually themselves.

SEKT quickly took on a narrative of its own but was loosely based on the motion picture ‘The day the Earth stood still’ (1951 – Based on a story by Harry Bates – Directed by Robert Wise).

The visual language of the band reaches back to the old school sci-fi designs, with a twist.


A quote by Daniel about the choice for SEKT as a concept: “We may be growing ever more powerless to oppose the ruling elite, but we are free to loudly express our frustrations (for now) and maybe open some eyes and minds along the way. Sometimes you need to shake people up a bit. That is what hardcore has always been about to me.”


Cyclus is mainly a d.i.y. production when it comes to producing and tracking its music. Sven actually puts in a lot of hours to get the ball rolling. But additional and crucial help was provided by friends and professionals.

SEKT ACT 1 : The first part of a three-part musical story called SEKT – released in November 2015 as a digital EP. – Self-published. Digital only.

  • Special thanks for the mix by Peter Vandergoten (
  • Mastering by Xergio Cordoba (
  • Drum tracking by Tom Lodewyckx (
  • Vocal tracking by Sven Janssens (red left hand recording studio)

SEKT ACT 2 : The second part of a three-part musical story called SEKT – released in August 2017 as a digital EP. – Self-published.

  • Mix and mastering by Stef Exelmans (atmo studio)
  • Drum tracking by Tom Lodewyckx (
  • Special thanks to Niko Poortmans for his production and sound assistance with the vocal tracking

The release for SEKT ACT 3 is planned for March/April 2018


Live performances.

  • 1 July 2018 – Antwerp Metal Fest: with a shitload of great bands.
  • 28 April 2018 – Oude Badhuis Antwerp: with cocaïne piss & gruppo pavlovski.
  • 6 February 2018 – Music City Antwerp: with Machete.
  • 23 December 2017 – Magdalenazaal Kontich: with Slagwagon, Young Hearts, Amörtisseur, Off the cross, Bulls on parade.
  • 18 November 2017 – L’Embuscade Tournai: with 1 step at a time, Travolta, Diss Guy and Die my demon.
  • 15 August 2017 – Music City Antwerp: with InTechnicolour and Town Portal.
  • 11 March 2017 – Music City Antwerp: with Interstellar Deathroll


Bookings: Bob Van Gorp –

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