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We are about to make good on our primal promise to rescue life and destroy the threat. We will need to travel. Relocate our souls by superseding matter, space and time. From this place to another. From this state to the next. We are taking off as we speak.

We are a singular entity of energy and feeling. Initiated and summoned by the apparatus. Scantly informed of an elusive and not yet specified threat. Interpreting the solidified distress signal, its urgency and gravity are explicitly ratified.

Following the directives of the natural order and the covenants made in cosmic conference at the source of everything, all rescue measures are deployed. We are coming. Metaphorically taking off and travelling beyond matter, space and time.

The threat can not be allowed to disturb stability any further for it will lead to complete destruction of the springs of life in the sector. The menace has to be neutralised. Destroyed. And the balance restored.

Throughout this process, the pain of distress permeates everything. Incessantly reliving the accumulated torments imprisoned in a massive dark flood, that is now, everywhere. Immersing us all in its influence.

The infection will be halted. The ruin and waste of life is formally disallowed. The cause of this distress signal will be researched and nullified. Death is denied.

The afflicting forces at play operate in conflict with all cosmic arrangements. They are erratic and hysterical. Vile aberrations in the elegant course of astral evolution.

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