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The new shape we are adopting is a human form. This seems to come with a lot of extra baggage. A genuine deluge of overwhelming desires and decadences. It is the first inkling of awareness that this human condition may just be the very cause of all havoc. But the real origin is still obscured.

Taking on this human form is an emotionally charged enterprise. These beings are unwillingly deformed by their rampant desires. They live in a disproportionate state of deceit.

The transformation is nearly complete. We are almost seeing this world just as humans do but our senses are still contorted. Feeling light and seeing warmth.

A random series of inane depravities take possession of my mind. I just now become aware I am reasoning from a sheer egocentric perspective, which seems to be another human condition. Such delightful archaic complexity. It seems that all I want to be, is satisfied.

The human being is a highly limited mode. A lowly condition. Narrow-minded, cold of heart and blind to the beauty of this world.

Enough of ourĀ original entity is lingering to appreciate the utter miracle of this ecosystem. In its entirety it is a raw form of cosmic perfection.

In the meantime, these desires keep swarming over me. Until I realise that craving itself is the true addiction. No matter which form it takes.

It is difficult to determine the heart of the problem. The true cause is suppressed by this incessant torrent of desires. What a conflicted state to reside in.

It almost feels like this human condition is infected by an ageless evil. A wild mutation. An aberration. A compulsion towards devastation and massacre.

In the end it seems, all these humans want is satisfaction.

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