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Travel as a movement is not necessarily a matter of physical displacement but rather one of pure transformation. A shape-shift. We will take a form suitable for communication and action in the relevant sector of space. This process is instantaneous as it pierces through the holes of time. It is going out of range.

Time is not a boxed-in concept. It has madness and method. It can move around in all directions and dimensions. It can disperse and reassemble matter easily. Time is movement as much as it equals transformation. It is a medium.

Consider the holes in time. They make time both immediate and everlasting. It is all transcending in its means to redefine matter. A collision of a boundless expanse into one singular point or moment. There is no such thing as distance when time can fold in any direction.

Movement is transformation. A shifting of shapes instead of a mere relocation. Going beyond the ranges of restraint. Exceeding every limitation that matter and time seem to impose. The most conceivable inconsistency.

Our structures do not move. Everything moves around them like a symphonic and harmonious procedure. A fine reconfiguration and intricate recasting.  We are entirely redefined both physically and mentally. Distilled into a new nature and identity.

There is no control over this entire mechanism of conversion. We are at the receiving end of it.

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