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We are the custodians of life, cosmic beings mobilised by the source to respond to a distress signal originating from a distant sector in space. The degree of suffering and agony on a particular planet has surpassed a critical level and demands immediate action. The preservation of life and the conservation of the ecosystem of any planet are imperative. This is our purpose.

In its crudest and most immaterial state, the substance of things, like the springs of life, were and are forever compounded from the source and protected by both immeasurable and infinitesimal cosmic mechanisms.

The amassment and concentration of agony from a specific sector has surpassed a safe point level beyond the capacity of self-restoration. A distress signal has materialised to reach the encompassing realms of space. This automatically galvanises the quintessential apparatus, which is now moving into position to restore the equilibrium. The custodians of life are unleashed to intercede and determine the best course of action.

Depending on the degree of consciousness and collaboration of the menace, it will be constrained and neutralised through feeling, logic or force.

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