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The Bloodlust shall be repaid in full (ACT 3 – Song 10)

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This is the evil line you should not have crossed
There can be no pretext, even if needs must

We are staring at your sustenance in sheer disgust
Accept the recoil of your bloodlust

Here’s a sullen, bitter covenant that you can trust
Reap the dark spoils of your bloodlust

Blood for food is the most wicked kind of servitude
Skin for dress, a disturbing kind of savageness
The laws of karma will also apply to all of you with this determined blind eye
Now this genocide has been testified

It’s extraneous, it’s undignified
Every wide-eyed beast is deathly terrified

This is the evil line that you should not have crossed
There can be no pretext, even if needs must
The bloodlust

Here is the exact point where the tables turn.
You will feel the terror, you will feel the burn.

Your frequency has changed, we’ve turned you into prey
Every beast is charged to hunt for your bouquet
You’ve been debased to naught, beneath the ol’ food chain
Can you feel the fear, feel the fear take rein

Feel the fear as hungry beasts are closing in
Feel the fear of being hunted for your skin
Feel the fear of getting raided by your kin

Your frequency has changed

This is no moral ground but a cabalistic stance
You will get the same odds: not a single chance