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The approach towards human nature (ACT 1 РSong 3)

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Now I’m just like you, wrought by desire
Now I’m just like you, I’ve joined the liars

Now everything here turns to life. I see the warmth, I feel the light
We magnify the course, I’m coming closer to the source

I wanna bend whatever’s right
I wanna get off day and night
I wanna catch all the light
I just wanna be satisfied

I wanna shine forever bright
I wanna soil anything white
I wanna be a lonely height
I just wanna be satisfied

Now I’m just like you,¬†as narrow-minded
Now I’m just like you, as cold and blinded

This world is of such perfect beauty, you have ocean, sky and sun
A simple and enchanted cycle of equilibrium

I wanna feed my appetite
I wanna howl in sheer delight
I wanna rival the sunlight
I just wanna be satisfied

I can’t find the problem, I don’t see the point of origin

This simplified manifestation of this here form I’m covered in
There’s no space for anything else than the desires that have been

I can not find the origin
There’s something cold and ancient in this skin
I can not find the origin
Something dark is rising from within

There is something inside…
… that reeks of genocide

I just wanna be satisfied with me

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ACT 2 – Realisation and persuasion