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A Most Painful Realisation (ACT 2 – Song 4)

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You were not supposed to
Feed like this, breed like this, lead like this

I’m irredeemable, I’m inescapable

I realise,
I am the banshee, I am the poltergeist
I am the shadow, I am the sacrifice

Innocence & confidence
I’ll eat anything at all expense

I have a one-track mind, I’m inescapable
I am irreparable, I’m irredeemable

I realise I’m the monster in this paradise, I just want this to be over
I understand I’m the I’m the wocky in this wonderland, I just want this to be over now

I realise,
I am the titan, I am the root of vice
I am the dragon, I am the ill device

Turbulence and dissidence
I’ll crush everything at all expense

I came to fear, I’m the toxin in this atmosphere, I just want this to be over

I am the spectre, I am the fatal splice
I am the hunger, It will never suffice