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General outlines

Cyclus was first assembled as a three-piece outfit in 2014 and completed with a bass player, late 2016. The band started out as a recording project, centred around a concept album about an alien invasion. Correction, ‘the’ alien invasion.

The early stages and rehearsals were all about finding a new sound and honing the application of each instrument. Everything emerged from unrestricted jams and a highly deliberate lack of frame. Cyclus has no rules and is determined to let itself be led by a very different energy. Things have a way of falling into place, if you give them enough freedom to grow. This is what the sound seeks to reflect.

Currently Cyclus is writing and recording a new EP – release is scheduled for March 2019.

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  • Sven, Serch & Daniel formed the band in 2014
  • Demos and concept creation 2014/2015.
  • First EP release November 2015: SEKT, ACT 1 – 3 songs + intro
  • We took a little break
  • Sean joins the band on bass
  • First try-out concerts in 2017
  • Second EP release August 2017: SEKT, ACT 2 – 4 songs
  • Third EP release July 2018: SEKT, ACT 3 – 5 song
  • Writing songs for a new EP – scheduled release March 2019