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“The Metal Musical” – With the concept of alien invasion and destruction, used in the story of SEKT, Cyclus applies shock-therapy as a medium to convey its message.

The suggestion that all of humanity will be erased by an alien protector of life, as a punishment for our insolent dominance, is just a metaphor. Or is it?

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The choice for this story line emerges from a deeper sense of social engagement and a desire to describe the detrimental effects of human supremacy and error on the planet and the resulting feeble state of our psyche.

It is an investigation into how humans destroy the planet, nature, wildlife and eventually themselves.

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SEKT quickly took on a narrative of its own but was loosely based on the motion picture ‘The day the Earth stood still’ (1951 – Based on a story by Harry Bates – Directed by Robert Wise).

The visual language of the band reaches back to the old school sci-fi designs, with a twist.

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A quote by Daniel about the choice for SEKT as a concept: “We may be growing ever more powerless to oppose the ruling elite, but we are free to loudly express our frustrations (for now) and maybe open some eyes and minds along the way. Sometimes you need to shake people up a bit. That is what hardcore has always been about to me.”